A Dream Come True
I have waited for a moment like this!

I have my very own name lock pendant that is inspired by fan-favourite, Team Xtreme, no ordinary diva and WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014, Amy Dumas aka “Lita”.

When I watched WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) formerly WWF (World Wrestling Federation) for the very first time and watched the Women’s Champion, Lita, with the Hardy Boyz on Channel 4 against Lo-Down and Ivory, Sunday Night Heat PPV. Lita is my old time favourite WWE Diva at all times and also inspired me to be different and unique as well. I am not a girl, but I can connect to her vibes such as be different, do something that a man or woman can’t do. E.g. Lita done hurracanaranas on male superstars and I am the only guy in my sewing and textile classes at college and university.

Amy Dumas aka “Lita" in WWE (September 2003) Credited to WWE

Lita Lock Pendant

The pendant above was for sale in WWE Euroshop and WWEshop.com around in 2001 or 2002. I was only 12 or 13 years old that online shopping is unsafe that mentioned by my parents and I couldn’t shop online at that time because of my age and not eligible for a bank card.

Once, the item is gone, I was fortunate to save the image above for my reference and I spoken to my silversmith tutor regarding to my lock pendant project. It was over 2 years ago when it is all started and especially that I have put extra time and dedication to ensure that my pendant is in shape. Ready to go and make the item itself.

I worked on the art clay copper to begin with to avoid mistakes with the Art Clay Silver. The copper clay is very cheap to get and a good time to experiment and learn while you working on the project also mistakes along the way of the process. Art clay is clay with metal particles, you treat it almost the same as the pottery ceramics clay, but once it is all fired, it will be real 99.9% metal. You can be flexible with the art clay of making something like the ones below

Here, is the photos of what I made from Art Clay copper to my lock pendant mockup. Making some square panels.

Making a frame for my pendant

Made rectangles for the sides

My own name design for the syringe

Practice first before doing the real thing.

Snake rolled for the lockbar

Syringed writing and the form is taking into place.

The final piece before everything is fired, (biscuit dry)

The final piece, in metal form (copper)

The final outcome.

As you can see the final outcome, it didn’t look as great when it is all broken, but I have learnt a lot from the work I put into it as a sample piece. I learnt about having strong connections of the joints and putting more paste and leave it to dry is very important to keep it more durable and also getting rid of holes and cracks too.

Once, I done it all in copper… This is the hardest part in silver!

I started by etching my name onto the silver clay!

I cross hatch the frame and the main piece for joining up the pieces together with the silver paste syringe and for the syringe writing as well.

I moist the sides of the back piece and also the sides pieces together with silver clay paste and supported the side panels with polymer clay/play d’oh.

When the back piece and side panels dried, I moist the sides for the front, had some cardboard pieces for support for the front piece to be attached. Same method again with the moist sides and clay paste appliance.

When I made the lockbar and made the top panel for the attachment together, I sanded the base of the top panel.

I cross hatch the base of the top piece and the top of the box, applied silver syringe paste and left it to dry, then I carved the unwanted edges away.

That is my final piece when it came out from the kiln! It looks more like a silver stone look, unless polished later on would be like the real thing.

I polished my pendant after it has been fired and ready to be antique in the middle and also have the design as the way I wanted it to be.

That is my final piece of my long-lost lock pendant that I want to make and have for a long time too.

I really enjoyed working with art clay especially that working with copper first that is cheap and can do all the mistakes first and taking notes before doing it in silver that is more expensive than copper. Doing various of techniques which I learnt from ceramics clay to this, but it will be in purely metal other than pottery and china. If you are interested with my work, or want commissions please go to my facebook page: Ka-Ho Leung Fashion, follow me on twitter: @KaHoLeungDesign or @KaHoJakeLeung1. If you enjoyed reading my posts, please follow me on here and share this article with your friends!

Progession of My Top Hat

I have been working very hard with my Top Hat making recently. It is taking into shape now, but I am looking forward to get it finished very soon! Also, will be selling these very soon too!

Progress of my Monochrome Men’s Long Waistcoats Collection

This is what I have done so far from previous that I have done. I have a reference picture below to show of where is the inspiration from and also I think that it will be a great idea to do something very unique and different as well to expand imagination of the design and concept!

Trish Stratus in her Special Guest Referee at Rebellion PPV 2000. Owned by WWE, but print screened own by Ka-Ho Leung!

The stripes are very different and create an impact to different design and concept too. I really like the idea very much that it is not just ordinary pinstripes just in a straight line. It is more than that in style too.

Trish Stratus in her Special Guest Referee at Rebellion PPV 2000. Owned by WWE, but print screened own by Ka-Ho Leung!

This one is a back view of her referee top! I am going to have a solid colour for that for my waistcoat design.

My previous blog post about my Monochrome Long Waistcoat that it has the pins as guidelines for different panels that I marked it all in felt tip pen and now it is ready to be made into panels for my pieces too! Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

So that is almost done the final thing now. I have back pattern pieces together. It is the front pattern pieces which I need to figure them out of how to do it with the excess or deficiency of fabric and pieces.

Also, I have been looking for this waistcoat for a long time and wanting to know of how this waistcoat has been made. It was an unique and interesting waistcoat of the Reiss’s Sennett waistcoat.

Reiss Sennett Waistcoat Front

The lapel of the waistcoat gives the Sennett waistcoat a formal Tnd unique look for the waistcoat and speaks for itself too.

Reiss Sennett Waistcoat Back view

Then, when I actually done the pieces with problem solving skills especially with the fabric that is the difference maker when it needs more excess paper to get the pieces right, because it is different than all in one but in different panels are very different. It is a trial and error fix too.

Once, everything is all in tact, I made one side up and it was not a bad attempt at all. I am very proud of the attempt that I have done. I am going to keep working on it as well doing my other projects too. Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

Photos are copyright to Ka-Ho Leung. Please ask permission and credited to Ka-Ho Leung if you would like to use any of the Ka-Ho Leung’s photos and images.

Doing a New Style of my Monochrome Men’s long waistcoats

I am working on a Monochrome Men’s long waistcoats which would be a new idea and new style too. I have been working on the long waistcoats for quite some time now and also I really would like to showcase my work very soon. This is what I have worked so far.

I used a male model to help me to model my long waistcoat toile and also to make marks with pins and felt tip pens to mark out different pieces of the waistcoat to be in different contrasting colours. Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

I put my first pins of the waistcoat to have that separate piece in the same colour at the other side of the waistcoat.

Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

There is a closer one for you to see it better.

Then, I done the next set of pins and chalks on from the centre of the armhole front (left side worn on top) towards the bottom of right side worn. Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

As you can see here, that is what I mean.

Also, put the third line to create another panel. It will be an unique long waistcoat.

Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

This will be an overall outcome when it is going to be in 2 different colours!

This project is a unique one that it was planned before the monochrome, black and white collection is in trend today. It was like when I was about to graduate from University of Derby. But, still working on them at the moment.

Myself in (showcasing) my first ever handmade “MTR and Chanel/Gucci similarity” woven Jacquard tailored Suit with Hong Kong TVB’s Tony Wang (Wang Wai Tak) 王維德 & Famous singer Miss Zhen Sin Yee 甄倩儀.

Myself in (showcasing) my first ever handmade “MTR and Chanel/Gucci similarity” woven Jacquard tailored Suit with Hong Kong TVB’s Tony Wang (Wang Wai Tak) 王維德 & Famous singer Miss Zhen Sin Yee 甄倩儀.

My Website is coming soon! Watch this space!
My End of Year Tailoring Exhibition Show

Hello everyone!

I have finally done my tailored suit that has been sewn up and it has finally made it’s début on the End of the Year Tailoring Exhibition Show at South Nottingham College at Charnwood Centre. It was an honour and pleasure to have my suit being displayed, also having the people to get to see it for the very first time that I have done my final degree project and show at the University of Derby’s Photosynthesis Degree Show 2011. I was quite frustrated that I couldn’t do my suit for the show because due to time with other students, getting things in altogether, if I have know it sooner that I could do the Tailoring course with South Nottingham College in the past or even before I start university because I could have made it for the final show without any doubt. It is about learning curves, also gradually building towards my goal as a Fashion/Textile Designer. I am very proud of how my suit has turned out! Also have been given so much compliments of my work. I have been so inspired that my work has turned out very well!

©2012 Ka-Ho Leung Fashion & Ka-Ho Leung Textile Menswear Design Blog

©2012 Ka-Ho Leung Fashion & Ka-Ho Leung Textile Menswear Design Blog

©2012 Ka-Ho Leung Fashion & Ka-Ho Leung Textile Menswear Design Blog

I have great positive feedback from the crowd and it was my very strong piece of work because I designed and made the fabric with help from my ex-university to make it happen. Also, it is very precious to me that it should turned out very well! I couldn’t asked for anything more, but it would have been nice if I could have a waistcoat being made into my own fabric to make a whole 3 piece suit! I would like to carry on doing my own fabrics, surface pattern design onto some fabrics to keep me going and building it up to my portfolio too!

MTR Jacquard Jacket Blazer