Degree Show 2011

"My work is inspired by textures taken from rubbings of manhole covers, grids and grates from Hong Kong, Paris, London and other urban locations.This menswear collection of suitings, shirtings and accessories targets the trend aware man."

My Shirting Fabrics & collars

My Outcome of one of my fabric 

My knitted and handwoven scarves with 2 laser-cut belts

My Suiting Fabrics

The purpose of this project is to give menswear their individuality, also business men wear the same (plain or pinstripe) other than expressing their personality and their taste. Womenswear can be flexible, but why not the menswear side? So, I decided to make this project possible.

Legally Disclaimed.

This is what I would like to do and make it into the final exhibition and a reality piece too.

If you are interested of buying my scarves accessories, or any questions or comments about my work, please submit me your questions and I will reply back whenever I can.