First Year - First Semester Printing Work (October - December 2008)


I have to collect things which were relating to MORNING COFFEE. The theme was alright, but I wished that I could get MORNING or AFTERNOON TEA that I do not drink coffee at all and it was a waste of money to buy of what things you (I) don’t drink or eat. But, I had some help from my classmates that who were doing MORNING COFFEE made things easier for me.
 I produced the biscuits, spoon, the coffee maker pot, coffee mate and the mug. I would have done TEA other than coffee. I am very aware of coffee, but it was alright for the project anyway.

This is my first print sample of theMORNING COFFEE. The red stripes to make my sample more interiors side of my work and also with the brown print of the morning coffee biscuits along with the dots and the spoon pattern that I think that it worked very well on the fabric that it could be an excellent sample for my interiors side of textiles. 

I decided to do the big pink dots in the background to make it more interior side of the work. I really liked the rainbow printed colours. I am a big fan of it! It is my trademark. I really want to do more of it but it would make it surreal of the theme and the chosen colours too. I have chosen these colours that they are realistic and relating to the products that I have been using. I could have done it in my own steady pace but I was rushed up and wanted to get it done with. I really want to do another theme similar to this other than coffee. I really don’t mind doing it again. But, it was just coffee putted me off very much that I really don’t want to get things for the project and I could have got Morning or Afternoon Tea.

For this one that I have done a biscuit border to make it more artwork other than an original print. I limited the objects and kept it related to each other to the theme. I putted the coffee mate on the middle left of the work that to keep the theme related, then the espresso pot top right and the mug on the bottom right within the red stitched border inside the biscuit border that looked like more Chinese theme type because Red is the lucky and traditional colour for the Chinese culture. If I had more time that I could have done a better version of this original one.

The brown print worked so well that I done it again but onto yellow spots. Also, I applied two lines of stitching to make it more like a wallpaper interior type. But, the right one looked bit rushed and dodgy too. If, I had time again, it would be different and more lively too. It would be worked as a table cloth, an oven glove or even a carpet design for buildings. The yellow looked a bit bright or too strong for the sample, but it could be better for something else. 

It’s quite similar to the other sample, but had some lines missing and applied with embroidery on it to make it more interior side. The embroidery on the spoons looked bit dodgy because the tension of the stitching looked loose and made it messed up again. Also, it was the fabric was bit stretchy that caused it. I would like to experimented it and it turned out well.

For the final sample, it was so long and I wanted to try out different repeat patterns with the images I produced on my screen and drew in my visual study sessions. As you can see, that I produced different number of black bold lines to separate the imagery to its own repeat image. I done the Coffee Mate in a brick repeat, red and brown print that it worked so well together. For the yellow spoons that I have done a symmetry diagonal pattern that it looked symmetrised but, done it in an interesting way. Block repeat mug that should be kept simple and finally the Morning Coffee biscuits that I varied with all the colours together for that sample that looked quite appealing and unique that I enjoyed doing and would like to take it forward for further projects.

"I enjoyed the project, but if it wasn’t for the Coffee side of it, I could have done it more better and if I was on the job, I would have produced more presented samples and neaten edges of my work. It was only a month project to get things started for the next project and for the chosen specialism."