First Year - First Semester Weaving Work (October - December 2008)

It was only the beginning of a new life and work for me. I was nervous and excited to get started with my work. For this semester was to try and experiment with machinery, looms and equipment with weave, print and knit. It was Interior Textiles that I was started at. I was in Group B, started with Weave first. It was brilliant and also very new to me that I have used a hand machine loom. It was quite logical and also enjoyable that I felt like I was playing with the piano, like the shafts were the black keys and threading the weft through the warp like a stringed piano.

The weave project was to use objects such as scissors, spoons and string. I was being asked to draw them and made it into simple forms or interpret them into simple shapes that I thought that it wasn’t easy that I should have thought of that.

This one on the left that I have done some markmaking and just drew various of objects and done some different compositions with masking tape to varied the angle and rotated drawings. I’ve chosen London Bus, Cat Tongue Pink and Midnight Sky/Clear Night because I thought that these colours worked together very well and harmonised nicely.

The work sample on the right was flowers and the cross hatched interpretation of scissors. The pink background worked very well together that I thought that would be a good colour background for the dark colours to show out. The composition worked very well. The flowers are mixed with the 3 chosen colour palette and just slotted into the warp of the loom that it worked so well, but could have done it much better. It almost reminded me of the Union Jack Flag because of 3 colours and also it is nearly the interpretation of it too.

Flowers and Cross hatched scissors Sample.

"The Spoon Design"

This one is inspired by spoon handles. That I want to do something complicated that I know now how the loom works with the shafts. but, I really should have done it very simple shape that it is for interiors after all.

The middle black spot ruined the sample that I tried to put an isolated spoon in the space itself and it didn’t turned out well. If it wasn’t for that it could have been a great sample that it should not being messed up. The bottom 2 rows of spoon handles looked effective and quite unusual for weaving technique, but what I said before that I enjoyed it a lot when I do weaving. The pink and red harmonised well that the colours are complimented and tinted with each other (meaning red and white (tint) makes pink).

It made me feel so determined for my specialism and also my instincts about my future and career too that I am very keen to do weaving as my specialism when coming to Fashion Textiles that I really want to do, focusing on Fashion only with my designs.

The Scissors blade and honeycombe sample looks very interesting, but the fraying of the red yarn. It does not look like a professional sample, but I really like the effect that can bring texture to the work.

'The brick and reflected scissors blade effect'

Very interesting and quite illusive.

'The Honeycombe effect'

Wanting to bring back the basic weaving loom technique into my work that I want to create simple pattern with my own designs are borders. Honeycombe technique is really ideal and great for interior textiles.

'The symmetry scissors blade' 
It looks like a tower, but interpretation of the closed blade scissors. It looks very effective.

"The Scissors sample"

The Midnight Sky/Clear Night scissors motif. Just trying with the layout with scissors and isolating different locations.

A row of scissors to finish off the sample. But, looks very squashed and also not layed out properly.

Isolated and chosen spot!

Not supposed to be there

Small row of scissors

Another row of scissors

Half spoon head design

Another row of scissors

Full scissors design, but looks like a key.

"The Cross scissors and spoon handle motif"

"Spoon Handle motif, Whole Spoon, 2 rows of spoon heads and the Weft Distorted Scissors design."

I want to take weaving forward to a new level for my projects that I really want to know more about weaving!