If you want to fulfil your dream, make it happen for yourself!

"Street Fighter X Tekken"

Own Personalised Fabric Painting Handmade and Hand-drawn Street Fighter “Cross” Tekken messenger bag in progress.

Trouser pattern update

I have it checked with my tailoring tutor and she was proud of my brave and courage, I could have used a pre-made pattern from Burda, Simplicity, Vogue and New Look, but I would like to do my own trousers within my own measurements that it will fit me perfectly. Also, this is very important that if you want to own something special that you should make it happen, never let yourself down or anyone walk on you. It is only you who can make it happen. I really want something that I have actually learn and earn something out of this life and also my dream will be reached if I can do it with little goals. I am looking forward to get the trouser pattern done and make my work into reality.

Trouser pattern

Just done my whole draft today. Will be checked by my fashion tutor! X

My New Bag Debut!

I am happy to present the new debut of my bag. I think it is about time to have a new look and actually have a trend look bag.

The main front of the bag. It was inspired from Trish Stratus with her Stratusfaction Logo and my English name could be the next satisfaction and I always satisfying people too. So, I have done this all on computer. The flap has done for a long time. And I am quite happy how it turns out.

One of the side panel. You will recognised the logo and slogan from fan favourite’s WWE Champion at all time - ‘John Cena’. I have used fabric paint to make my drawing more realistic especially the stability of the bottle. Also, sometimes people don’t see me, so that’s why I put it on my bag.

I decided to do this side in glow in the dark paint because I would like to have something different and when use it at night it would glow in the dark. I like putting new surprises on my designs!

Also, I will be thinking about doing a Cross Symbol from Street Fighter X Tekken Shoulder bag for auction to promote the game and getting people thinking of what does it mean by the cross symbol of “Street Fighter X Tekken”. Because I think that it would be a good one to do, it is an unofficial item. What are your thoughts about this? Will you wear it to promote the game and make a statement?

Reply your thoughts!

Also, if you are interested to buy one of my bags and also personalised bags please e-mail me at Ka.Ho.Leung.Design@gmail.com

I am working on some jewellery and some designs of accessories at the moment, also to start selling them on my Facebook Page, officially working on the online store.

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And post anything that you would like to see and buy the products.

One wall of my work! :)

One wall of my work! :)

Nottingham Trent University Fashion Product 2011

It was all started when I came to Nottingham Trent University’s Open Evening for the Postgraduate courses on Wednesday 18th May 2011. I bought my ticket for the fashion show, and when I browse around the Fashion Product section, I really love Emma Manning’s work. It was a normal shirt with printed fabric and made into different panels. Also, One side has a knitted piece in the work that has caught my eye! I felt like that I missed a lot of fashion from this university and really felt that I should do the course because I love to make things and I wanted to have my fabrics and designs into reality. The final outcomes are absolutely beautiful and I really would like to have all for myself! Because it is so extraordinary and given the menswear side a bit of flavour into it.

The design worked so well, the colours are well chosen. I can see why Trent University is very good for fashion and trends update.

This one has got to be one of my favourites! The reason why for this because it has given an interesting and eye-catching look for a shirting, especially the knitted side that it caught my eye. I wouldn’t mind if I wear that on the street, but the problem for me was my spots exposure to the public if I wore this garment. But, the design concept is absolutely beautifully made and I really would like to have one for myself.

All Photos credited to: Ka-Ho Jake Leung
All Work credited to: Emma Victoria Manning


Collar Day (April 2011)

With my latest samples of Jacquard I have cut them into shirt collars because I was supposed to do some full length shirt garments, but I am marked on the fabric designs been produced and how they have to be treated such as starching them or bleaching them. I produced shirt collars for my latest Bradford Textile Society Design Competition this year. The presentation of the collars are in tact. Also, showing different uses of the patterns of the fabric.

OTIS SHIRT inspired by Escalator trail.©2011

OTIS SHIRT inspired by Escalator trail.