Drawings from visual sessions with objects on projections with lighting and a chair with silhouetted objects. I have been using graphite stick and black ink that it worked together so well together! Continuous line drawings are my favourite type of drawing that I am not afraid to put it on paper and also it made me feel so relaxed and focusing on one particular bit of the object that I was observing at. Also, I had to choose my own colour theme for this project.

This one just made of varied of circles joint together. I just done circles to learn how to make circles with the knitting machine. The pressing was not brilliant and just iron it normally. I should have know of what to do with the steam press if I did know of where the sheds were. But, it was my first attempt of doing knitting.

This one looked alright. I only tried to do lace holes that I have not gained enough experience to do so! The problem was also that the yarns were so thin that I really have to be very careful when knitting with very thin yarns that it could come off of the machine and I really didn’t have the concentration for it too. But, knitted interiors that it did not amused me at all.
That one that I just done it all in varied of black yarns. Thick and thin stripes of black and attached with three circles. I liked it but, if steam pressed that would be a better looking sample. It could be ideal for displays on walls and also for table and chair cloths. It could be a decorative trims for curtains and door covers too. I preferred this sample for knitted sample.

I just knitted the background first in black in normal knit technique. I produced the small squares and the two circles in thick brown yarn, then I hand-sewn onto the black knitted fabric yarn. It looked like an ancient scroll that the Romans had in the past. But, it would not be ideal for any interior functions such as wallpapers, table cloths and carpets. It would be ideal for decorative side of interiors, such as a wall display or an artwork.

I just wanted to use black only for the sample and made some varied lace holes along with different ladder ridges in the sample that should not have been there, but it looked brilliant itself. I just want to experiment with different ideas alongside of the sample.

This one is almost the same from the very first one, but only done it in a block repeat and done it in 2 columns and 3 rows. It does not looked so accurate, but it would be ideal for a table cloth like a saucer for plates, cups and bowls.