"Street Fighter X Tekken"

Own Personalised Fabric Painting Handmade and Hand-drawn Street Fighter “Cross” Tekken messenger bag in progress.

My New Bag Debut!

I am happy to present the new debut of my bag. I think it is about time to have a new look and actually have a trend look bag.

The main front of the bag. It was inspired from Trish Stratus with her Stratusfaction Logo and my English name could be the next satisfaction and I always satisfying people too. So, I have done this all on computer. The flap has done for a long time. And I am quite happy how it turns out.

One of the side panel. You will recognised the logo and slogan from fan favourite’s WWE Champion at all time - ‘John Cena’. I have used fabric paint to make my drawing more realistic especially the stability of the bottle. Also, sometimes people don’t see me, so that’s why I put it on my bag.

I decided to do this side in glow in the dark paint because I would like to have something different and when use it at night it would glow in the dark. I like putting new surprises on my designs!

Also, I will be thinking about doing a Cross Symbol from Street Fighter X Tekken Shoulder bag for auction to promote the game and getting people thinking of what does it mean by the cross symbol of “Street Fighter X Tekken”. Because I think that it would be a good one to do, it is an unofficial item. What are your thoughts about this? Will you wear it to promote the game and make a statement?

Reply your thoughts!

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