Doing a New Style of my Monochrome Men’s long waistcoats

I am working on a Monochrome Men’s long waistcoats which would be a new idea and new style too. I have been working on the long waistcoats for quite some time now and also I really would like to showcase my work very soon. This is what I have worked so far.

I used a male model to help me to model my long waistcoat toile and also to make marks with pins and felt tip pens to mark out different pieces of the waistcoat to be in different contrasting colours. Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

I put my first pins of the waistcoat to have that separate piece in the same colour at the other side of the waistcoat.

Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

There is a closer one for you to see it better.

Then, I done the next set of pins and chalks on from the centre of the armhole front (left side worn on top) towards the bottom of right side worn. Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

As you can see here, that is what I mean.

Also, put the third line to create another panel. It will be an unique long waistcoat.

Copyright © 2013 Ka-Ho Leung

This will be an overall outcome when it is going to be in 2 different colours!

This project is a unique one that it was planned before the monochrome, black and white collection is in trend today. It was like when I was about to graduate from University of Derby. But, still working on them at the moment.

"Street Fighter X Tekken"

Own Personalised Fabric Painting Handmade and Hand-drawn Street Fighter “Cross” Tekken messenger bag in progress.